NDIS Service Providers

At Future Physio we are service providers for self and plan managed NDIS participants.

We take the time to meet with you and discuss your goals before you decided whether we are the right fit for you or your family. Our friendly, experienced team will develop a service plan that meets the physiotherapy or exercise needs you have. Best of all we can do it in the comfort or your own home or meet you at the local pool / gym!

So if you are new to the NDIS, or looking to change providers, get in touch today for a free, no obligation chat with Sarah, our Principal Physiotherapist.

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Headaches, jaw pain and migraines

Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain or migraines?

Do you know physiotherapists are trained in identifying the source of your headache and treating to relieve pain and symptoms.

 Our physiotherapist, Melanie Bray, has done further study with Australian headache specialist Dean Watson to become highly skilled in the therapeutic management of headaches, jaw pain and migraines.

Physiotherapy involves gentle manual therapy and release techniques for your head and neck to relieve tension and alleviate pain. Improvements can be expected in 4-5 treatments sessions, even in the case of long standing (20+ years) of pain.

Our treatments are all done in the comfort of your own home our  physiotherapists bringing a portable bed and all equipment. So you can relax whilst we come to you for a full assessment and treatment of your pain.

Appointments are limited so call now to secure your booking 0477 934 546




Post-surgical rehabilitation

Did you know those first few weeks post surgery are crucial to your recovery? This is also the time when you are often not allowed to drive. Stop relying on family, friends and taxis to get you to a clinic - Future Physio can come to you!

Professional physiotherapy delivered in the comfort of your own home. Our physiotherapists travel with all the equipment required to do a full assessment and treatment for all types of post-surgical rehabilitation, including hip and knee replacements.

Physiotherapy advice and treatment progression in the first few weeks post total hip and knee replacement surgery will set you up for an excellent recovery. We can give pain advice, check for complications, improve range of motion and progress strength exercises.

Call now to book your post-surgical physiotherapy visit. 0477 934 546

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Mandurah home visit physiotherapy now available!

We are moving south… To keep up with growing demand we are now servicing the Mandurah region.

Our newest physiotherapist Angelica comes with a wealth of knowledge.

Since graduating from Curtin University, Angelica has gained extensive experience in community physiotherapy working in the disability sector. She has a wealth of experience in neurology, geriatric physiotherapy, falls prevention, orthopaedics, and rural healthcare.

Angelica is passionate about her work and enjoys helping people achieve their personal goals to reach their maximum potential. Her clinical passion is in neurological rehabilitation. She also has a keen interest in hydrotherapy, running retraining and managing vestibular conditions.

Outside of work you’ll find Angelica being outdoors enjoying nature, at the beach or cycling. She is also multilingual and fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Call 0477 934 546 to book your Mandurah appointment.


Meet Charlotte...

Charlotte is the newest member of the Future Physio team. She is an aspiring young physiotherapist. After completing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, she developed a keen interest in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries she went on to complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

She has a passion for health and fitness, is a dancer and was gymnast and coach for many years. She has worked with both amateur level and WAFL level football clubs, and currently works as a trainer for Perth Football Club. She enjoys helping athletes return to their sport, injury free and at their best.

After completing a geriatric placement through university, Charlotte developed a keen interest for working with the elderly. She always aims to get clients to being fitter and stronger than they were previously and takes pride in helping others to reach their goals.

If you wish to return to peak physical condition call 0477 934 546 today to book an appointment with Charlotte.

Falls prevention

As we age falls prevention is crucial in staying healthy in our later years. At least one in four older people have a fall each year and around 10% of all falls result in serious injury requiring hospitalisation. Injuries sustained can include bruising, lacerations, fractures and head injuries.

Falls can be caused by a number of factors including; loss of balance, dizziness, poor eyesight, poor footwear or trip hazards. Poor hydration, alcohol consumption or taking more than five medications can also contribute to falling.

Physiotherapists can tailor exercise programs specifically for each client to improve their leg strength, mobility and balance. Regular exercise is a great way to help prevent falls at home and in the community. Get started today to maintain your independence at home by calling 0477 934 546


Physiotherapy during pregnancy

Your first pregnancy and the early months after delivering your first child can be an exciting time. What most first time Mums don't expect is the aches and pains that go along with it!

During pregnancy the hormone relaxin is released into the body causing a softening of the ligaments. This is essential to allow for the baby to pass through the birth canal. Unfortunately a the side effects can be back pain, sacroiliac painor pubic symphysis pain.

Physiotherapists can help you correctly diagnose the source of your pain, treat the underlying structures causing the pain and develop strategies to prevent recurrence during the remaining weeks before birth.

Physiotherapists are also highly skilled in educating you regarding the activation of pelvic floor muscles and developing exercise programs to ensure the pelvic floor stays strong during and after pregnancy.

Let us take away your pain so you can enjoy the special months leading up to your latest arrival.

Call for an appointment now on 0477 934 546


Merry Christmas

Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas from our Future Physio family to yours.

We are still seeing clients through the Christmas New Year period so feel free to give us a call for all those backyard cricket injuries.... Ph 0477 934 546


Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

Meet the team...

Welcome to the first Future Physio blog post and what a better way to start than meeting the team...


Sarah started Future Physio in 2010 after returning from 8 years working in the UK. She was passionate about bringing high quality care to the community. As Future Physio has grown so has Sarah's family. She is married to Stuart and has two children.

Karen joined Future Physio in 2015 and is much loved by our clients. She is bright and bubbly and brings this enthusiasm to all her sessions. She is Mum to a little girl with another one on the way. She has just started maternity leave and we hope to hear news of the new arrival soon...

Erin is the newest member of our team. She has qualifications in clinical pilates and you can catch her running outdoor classes by the river on weekends. More info can be found at www.pilatesintheparkperth.com.au

You can book a private one on one pilates session with Erin by calling now 0477 934 546

Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images

We look forward to bringing you high quality home visit physiotherapy soon.