Physiotherapy for dementia clients

Did you know there is good evidence surrounding the benefits for physiotherapy for clients with cognitive impairments and dementia?

Dementia is a disorder of mental processes affecting daily living. It is progressive in nature and symptoms will vary according to the stage of the disease, with most clients eventually becoming dependent on their carers.

At Future Physio our therapists are trained in providing care to clients at all stages of the dementia journey to enable independent living for as long as possible, prevent hospital admissions and reduce the burden on carers. Home visit physiotherapy is particularly useful for this client group to enabling safe, familiar surroundings and the ability to practice activities that are used every day at home.

A consistent, caring relationship is what we pride ourselves on at Future Physio. We use exercise therapy, strength and balance work, gait re-education and practice activities of daily living with our clients.

Should your family member be requiring consistent care to help manage and slow the progression of their symptoms the call us on 0477 934 546 and we will assess and tailor a program in the comfort of the client’s own home.

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