Headaches, jaw pain and migraines

Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain or migraines?

Do you know physiotherapists are trained in identifying the source of your headache and treating to relieve pain and symptoms.

 Our physiotherapist, Melanie Bray, has done further study with Australian headache specialist Dean Watson to become highly skilled in the therapeutic management of headaches, jaw pain and migraines.

Physiotherapy involves gentle manual therapy and release techniques for your head and neck to relieve tension and alleviate pain. Improvements can be expected in 4-5 treatments sessions, even in the case of long standing (20+ years) of pain.

Our treatments are all done in the comfort of your own home our  physiotherapists bringing a portable bed and all equipment. So you can relax whilst we come to you for a full assessment and treatment of your pain.

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Physiotherapy for dementia clients

Did you know there is good evidence surrounding the benefits for physiotherapy for clients with cognitive impairments and dementia?

Dementia is a disorder of mental processes affecting daily living. It is progressive in nature and symptoms will vary according to the stage of the disease, with most clients eventually becoming dependent on their carers.

At Future Physio our therapists are trained in providing care to clients at all stages of the dementia journey to enable independent living for as long as possible, prevent hospital admissions and reduce the burden on carers. Home visit physiotherapy is particularly useful for this client group to enabling safe, familiar surroundings and the ability to practice activities that are used every day at home.

A consistent, caring relationship is what we pride ourselves on at Future Physio. We use exercise therapy, strength and balance work, gait re-education and practice activities of daily living with our clients.

Should your family member be requiring consistent care to help manage and slow the progression of their symptoms the call us on 0477 934 546 and we will assess and tailor a program in the comfort of the client’s own home.

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Meet Tracey...

Tracey is the newest member of the Future Physio team. She graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia and has experience working as a physiotherapist in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

She has a wide sporting background including playing elite squash in her youth. She has also worked as team physiotherapist for amateur league football clubs in Perth’s Northern Suburbs.

Tracey has gained further qualifications in dry needling and clinical pilates and can bring both these services to the comfort of your own home. She enjoys working with people to strengthen and improve posture and address underlying issues to eliminate pain.

Tracey has a big smile and an even bigger heart and immediately puts clients at ease with her confident and comfortable manner.

Call 0477 934 546 now to book your physio or pilates session with Tracey today!

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Meet Charlotte...

Charlotte is the newest member of the Future Physio team. She is an aspiring young physiotherapist. After completing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, she developed a keen interest in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries she went on to complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

She has a passion for health and fitness, is a dancer and was gymnast and coach for many years. She has worked with both amateur level and WAFL level football clubs, and currently works as a trainer for Perth Football Club. She enjoys helping athletes return to their sport, injury free and at their best.

After completing a geriatric placement through university, Charlotte developed a keen interest for working with the elderly. She always aims to get clients to being fitter and stronger than they were previously and takes pride in helping others to reach their goals.

If you wish to return to peak physical condition call 0477 934 546 today to book an appointment with Charlotte.